11 months and (can you believe it) smoooooth sailing.

My breastfeeding journey seems to have been morphing more and more into my role as a support-person for other people with breastfeeding issues, and absolutely I love it.

These two! All that love!

My own breastfeeding situation of late has been one with absolutely zero issues. Can you believe it?! Zero. Milk? Got it. Feeding to sleep? Doing it. Nipple problems? None. Biting? Nope. Sure, he wakes a stupid amount of times in the night and I deal with that by nursing him back to sleep within a minute (the vast majority of the time), and I dream of one day being able to sleep with fewer than six interruptions, but that is what I chose and that is what I continue to choose. And the days where I am not wearing my breastfeeding necklace are days where my chest and face end up covered in pinches and scratches... but hell, not a big deal. He has started to crawl up to me when he sees an opportune moment and tug at my shirt or just lunge his body full-force into my breasts, which I really find hilarious. At baby yoga the other day, I made the mistake of wearing a grey t-shirt, and ended up with mouth-shaped wet rings around my nipple when I was doing a lying-down pose. My glorious, funny boy! These are things that, I have discovered, seem to repulse some people, and are a large reason why many mothers choose to wean when their babies reach these milestones. But these things just fill me with such joy.

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