Gentle Night Weaning: Finding our own way

I thought, like many mums of breastfeeding toddlers, that it would be totally impossible to night wean my two year old. Any time I read someone's explanation of how they did it, I was hit with a dozen 'but that wouldn't work for us'es. My boy's temparement was different, our sleeping situation was different, his relationship with his daddy was different, his and my breastfeeding relationship was different.

My boy was 2 years 4 months. I decided to tackle night weaning after months of awful aversion, figuring that I might feel totally fine with continuing until he chose to wean, if I could find a way to place that limit on it.
Feeding to sleep, three days into night weaning
I knew that I had done a great job, that we had gone above and beyond all imaginable lengths to be able to have a breastfeeding relationship in the first place, and that being in the situation where I was breastfeeding a two year old was unfathomable -- I was not even sure I'd be able to breastfeed him even once. So to now actively choose to reduce and to limit his breastfeeding, when I had spent the first year of his life doing everything in my power for him to find comfort at my breast, felt awful. I kept getting flashes of the things we had been through... and now I somehow found myself wanting him to stop. 

But this is my body. It was my choice.

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