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I am an Australian woman who stopped travelling in Zurich and hasn't moved since! I live on the lake with my Australian husband and have had two beautiful babies here. Fuelled by my own heart-wrenching breastfeeding difficulties and experiences with the complex, emotionally-charged issue of low milk supply, I spent two years training and gained my qualification as a CBC(CBI). 

I became passionate about finding practical ways for women to avoid the heartache, guilt and regret that can come from being unable to breastfeed -- all of which I have experienced first-hand. Women deserve true and ongoing support, reliable information and answers during that vulnerable time of new motherhood. This dedication ensures my continued learning through the attendance of conferences, my insatiable reading and the questioning of breastfeeding practices. 

My passion for empowering mothers has led me to an extensive array of work, including:
  • Founder and administrator of the 900 member Facebook group "Breastfeeding Mamas in Switzerland", providing an accurate peer-to-peer support network for both mothers and health professionals.
  • Speaker at the World Health Organisation's Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative congress in Geneva (2016-10-24)
  • Recipient of a Diversity Scholarship with iLactation for the International Breastfeeding and Human Milk conference
  • Presenter at Google in a Tech Talk on pregnancy and early parenting (2016-02-02).
  • Provides regular breastfeeding support through my fortnightly 'Milk and Motherhood Meet-up', at the women's practice Praxiszentrum Arcus, along with private consults and home visits.
  • Involved in the running of a support group for new mothers through a local hospital, Paracelsus Spital Richterswil,  where I am recognised as a local expert in particular breastfeeding issues.
  • I am the Swiss representative and administrator for the Human Milk For Human Babies organisation, promoting informed, informal milk donation and connecting mothers with over- and under-supply of breast milk.
  • I continue to have articles published in the international La Leche League magazine "Breastfeeding Today" (circulation >100k), as well as the parenting magazine "Mothering Matters". 

In my past lives (which are slowly becoming more and more incorporated into my current life again!), I have studied English Literature, Education, Biomedical Science and Occupational Therapy, both in Canada and Australia. I worked for a few years teaching high school English before embarking on our great half-year cycling and camping tour of Europe, which very unexpectedly led us to a life here in Switzerland -- it was simply too beautiful to leave! I am also a musician, having worked as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, and am very excited at having recently acquired a piano. I have played netball for Switzerland in the European Championships, spent a year both learning German and writing a novel in increasingly bad English, love cooking only for people who love eating, and will forever be an overthinker, overanalyser and oversharer. 

"Johanna Sargeant is the reason why many English-speaking, expat women in our area go on to having successful breastfeeding experiences, with 'success' defined in the most personal of ways. Her compassionate, and evidence-based style is also highlighted by her no-BS, all-inclusive attitude. I seriously think the world of this lady."

"When you combine knowledge and passion about a subject like breastfeeding, mountains are moved in such a compassionate way! Johanna and Francesca you have clearly found your calling! Because of that, the breastfeeding journey of many mamas and babies will be an empowered one! My hat goes off to both of you! BRAVO!" (Regarding our prenatal breastfeeding preparation classes). 

Follow my frequent goings on with my Facebook page, Milk and Motherhood
Learning to ski as a thirty-year-old... ALWAYS learning something!

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