My family with my breastfeeding mamas (photo: Ruxi

"I felt like Johanna truly listened to my needs and wants for mine and my son’s breastfeeding journey, and then gave me the tools I needed to move forward with confidence. Her passion to help others meet their goals, and her incredible knowledge of the science behind breastfeeding... all major reasons I wholeheartedly trust her advice. Thank you, Johanna! Looking forward to our next consult!" Lauren
"Johanna Sargeant is the reason why many English-speaking, expat women in our area go on to having successful breastfeeding experiences, with 'success' defined in the most personal of ways. Her compassionate, and evidence-based style is also highlighted by her no-B.S., all-inclusive attitude. I seriously think the world of this lady." Erika

"Johanna is one of a kind. Such a generous person with her immense knowledge and the one you want to see when you need to plan your breastfeeding journey or need help because something went wrong or you're in need of information and reassurance. I saw Johanna for a pre-natal consultation and after birth. I struggled so much with breastfeeding and I can honestly say I would not be here breastfeeding my 3 month old without her help." Margarida

"Johanna is such an amazing resource for anyone looking for help on their breastfeeding journey. She is not only knowledgeable but is genuinely interested in your concerns and goals. She fosters a judgment free approach and gives you the tools you need to succeed. I can’t recommend her enough and I don’t know where my little one and I would be without her!" Anita

"I met Johanna on my second breastfeeding journey, after my first attempt with my first son failed miserably, traumatized me and triggered my post natal depression. She was supportive since the beginning and we met once to discuss a weaning plan. She is empathetic and concrete, is able to give answers and clear directions, besides being a wonderfully pleasant woman. Her knowledge is fact-based and vast. I highly recommend her services." Marta​

"When you combine knowledge and passion about a subject like breastfeeding, mountains are moved in such a compassionate way! Johanna, you have clearly found your calling! Because of that, the breastfeeding journey of many mamas and babies will be an empowered one! My hat goes off to you! BRAVO!" Mary

"I just reached 6 months of EBF my little one and wouldn’t have made it this far without Johanna’s help and support. She not only knows how to help but she knows how to do it in a truly caring and genuine way that makes you feel comfortable and positive about your situation. My only change is wishing I knew about her before my birth to be better prepared." Holly

"Strongly recommend Johanna’s support! Had a rough start to breastfeeding and she was an amazing resource. She was patient, compassionate and able to provide scientifically supported advice. I used the bi-weekly meeting on Fridays to meet other moms and then had a private consultation with Johanna when I was transitioning back to work and wanted to continue feeding. She is an invaluable resource!" Ali

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